About Us

We are the Green Profit System Team

Thank you for your interest in the Green Profit System. Here, we’re passionate about cannabis and its potential as an asset, as well as investing. We feel investing is an incredibly powerful tool, which the everyday person can use to support the industries and sectors that they care about.

However, we recognized that the market could seem complex and intimidating. This is why we decided to develop software that would let anybody invest without needing a background in finance or trading. We want everybody to have the opportunity to make their own money from the comfort of their own home, all by investing money in the cannabis sector in Canada.

Our team is made up of designers, software developers, and finance experts, all with two common passions- investing and cannabis. We recognize the incredible potential that the cannabis industry has and see that one great way to help its growth is by investing directly in it.

We believe this can create a type of feedback loop- more growth in the cannabis industry means that assets in the industry become more valuable, and greater value in this industry means that trading stocks in the marijuana sector should become more lucrative than before.

Passionate and Driven

One of the reasons we started working on the Green Profit System is because we genuinely care about cannabis and see it as a fantastic way for people to relax or manage various medical conditions. We think it’s crucial that people have access to this tremendous plant.

By investing in the cannabis sector in Canada, we hope to be able to legitimize the plant further and encourage direct growth. This should lead to greater acceptance of cannabis in other countries, as the reputation and prestige of a strong marijuana sector continue to grow.

We think it’s very promising that so much medical research has demonstrated the health benefits of using cannabis. Our hope is that a growing cannabis sector returns profits to us and you, as well as leading to better health for Canadians- and, eventually, citizens of other countries where marijuana is legalized.

Our Ethics

Equality is important to us, which is why we’ve developed the Green Profit System. We wanted to make it easy and straightforward for as many people to invest in penny stocks in the cannabis industry. To us, a lack of experience or knowledge shouldn’t be a barrier to access.

Furthermore, we feel that as many people should be as financially independent as possible. To us, investing is a powerful way to secure this, and technology is one of the best ways to make this happen. We feel that we can use our knowledge of technology to give people better opportunities and access to investing.

Our hope with the Green Profit System is that we can empower everyday citizens to become financially independent, as well as helping the cannabis sector to grow and flourish, helping improve the health of people around Canada.